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Creating a new e-commerce website or business website for your company is indispensable for your success. This is no longer new for anyone these days. Not being present in online media is synonymous with losing opportunities and business. Also, the chance to connect with more people that why it’s necessary to maintain your online portfolio.

If you have been thinking about renovating or creating a new business website or e-commerce website for a long time, but you haven’t already done so. It’s time to put that idea on your priority list. You may be losing a considerable volume of customers because you do not transmit credibility with an old domain and poor functionality. Have you thought about it?

If you haven’t thought about it, read on and understand what are the main reasons for creating a new e-commerce website or business website for your company.

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See what are you missing by not having a website

Strengthen your brand

Building and strengthening a brand can take time no doubt. But if you have the right tools in hand, you can get there faster.

And you cannot deny that today it is essential to be present in the digital environment if you want your brand to be in the “mouth of the people”.

If you are not seen, you are not remembered, you are not talked about, nor divulged … And so it goes.

This is probably not what you want for your business.

You want a brand that is recognized, remembered, and recommended by the public.

And that is one of the main reasons why you need to have a business website. This is the first step for you to ensure a strong online portfolio presence.

The image that you pass from your company to the digital medium will greatly influence how your brand is remembered by the public.

And the right tool for this is an e-commerce website that is functional, responsive, and provides an excellent visitor experience.

Your business is open 24 hours a day

How much would it cost for your business to keep a store open for 24 hours to serve all people who need your product, service, or even information at any time of the day?

I believe it is very expensive. You would have expenses with water, electricity, employees working at night…

Yeah. With an e-commerce website, you have the advantage of being available to your audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the burden of doing it in person.

And without having to harm your quality of life for that.

Having a business website is also having an important sales channel always open to your potential customers, whether as an e-commerce website or a virtual store.

Either way, you’ll be there when your audience needs you.

Increase your reach

A functional and properly optimized business website allows your reach to be much greater.

With it, you have the chance to reach an even global audience.

Of course, people will not reach you directly because of the niche market, avatar, and everything else. But it is only for you to see the dimension of where your company is exposed.

Also, e-commerce websites that also function as virtual stores can overcome possible geographical barriers between them and customers, allowing purchases to be made from anywhere in the world.

Conveys confidence and credibility

Trust is the key to business-to-consumer negotiations.

And if your business has a good image in the digital environment, with a functional and well-designed website, you pass on credibility and gain the trust of your audience much more.

Therefore, today, consumers already expect companies to have their business website. So they get more information and better prepare for a purchase.

If they arrive at your e-commerce website and come across testimonials (mainly on video ), a good amount of likes, positive comments, and other social proof that your product or service is of quality, then…

You gain a lot more morale with your potential customer.

Creates a relationship with the customer

The best way to win new customers and retain current ones is to create a close and lasting relationship with them.

By creating a business website, you have the chance to be present in the daily life of your persona and, who knows, even have more and more people who follow your content frequently.

Maintaining a service channel and a constant relationship with your audience allows you to educate them about the product or service you offer and about your market niche.

This is considered a valuable information for your audience. it is also a way to prepare them for the next steps of the sales funnel.

Increase your company’s sales

Here comes the part that matters: the money in your pocket.

Regardless of whether you work with products or services, having an e-commerce website can help increase the amount that goes into your account at the end of the month.

By promoting and strengthening your brand, increasing your reach, and creating authority in your market, chances are you will also sell a lot more.

And another: if your company is not yet at the level you want so much, having a website can be the little push you need to start expanding your business.

Because it’s not just customers who will recognize your brand with a strong online portfolio presence. The same thing happens with partners and investors.

And all of this can contribute to the continued growth of your business.

Reduce your costs

Creating a business website costs much less than many other ways of promoting your brand on the internet. Depending on the tool you choose, it can even be free.

This means that you have the opportunity to reach a huge number of people after just a few hours of customizing your page.

And, if you have to invest money to have some extra features, know that it will be a very low value close to the geographic reach, exposure, and ease of maintenance that you will have.

Think about it: you can expose your company to such a high level without even leaving your home.

You just need to be willing to create content, trigger press releases, share a lot of relevant material on social networks… In short, be present in your audience’s day to day.

You save time

If for every question that is asked in a comment on your social media page you need to take a few minutes off your time or any of your employees to answer…

You may lose many hours of productivity at the end of the day.

Within your website, you can create an exclusive space for the FAQ (from English Frequently Asked Questions).

This space can be the help you need to serve all your visitors. 

Another advantage of the e-commerce site that saves you precious time in your day is that it allows you to follow a good part of the interactions with your business from wherever you are.

This gives you greater freedom to set up your working hours.

You know your audience better

From the moment you have a page of yours on the air, you can use some analysis tools, such as Google Analytics to monitor the behavior of your visitors.

This lets you know where your audience is coming from, where they clicked to land on your site, or how long they spent browsing there.

It may seem like a detail, but having this information allows you to know your audience and the profile of your ideal customer.

You can use this data to think about more targeted approaches or remarketing campaigns for those who have already shown an interest in your business and have never bought it.

Just know how to use the metrics to your advantage.

Important metrics

How many clicks you receive on your business website;

Time spent by visitors on the site;

What areas are most accessed;

The most popular products;

Which products convert the most ;

Which channels bring the most potential buyers to you.

In addition to knowing the result of your investment in the platform, you can also identify what is working and what is going wrong in your online strategy.


You have seen why having a business or e-commerce website is fundamental to the growth of your company. That this is the best way to have real control over your business.

I have listed for you some reasons why you need to start paying attention to your business website today.

In addition to having a brand with an increasingly strong presence in the digital environment, you pass on more professionalism, trust, and credibility to your audience.

With that being said,

  • you create authority in your niche,
  • attracting many more leads to your list and
  • increasing your chance of having a pocket full at the end of the month.

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